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(Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!


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    "id": 456,
    "action": "aw_reduce_scout_time",
    "origins": [
    "modifier": "factor",
    "values": {
      "35": "-0.8",
      "34": "-0.8",
      "33": "-0.8",
      "32": "-0.8",
      "31": "-0.8",
      "30": "-0.8",
      "29": "-0.78",
    "effectConfigId": "456",
    "title": "Scouting Time Reduction",
    "description": "Reduces the time you need to unlock a Province."
at least that should compensate 4 chapters without advanced scouts.
Is that based on 80% of the time we see? or some modifier on the base cost combines with scout research

can't wait to double my abbey power with more provinces


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Wonky Walters once again? OMG, I must have sold this tent years ago :)


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@Karvest, I checked the Witty Raccoon on Public Druids, do you have any guess what the 200% production boost refers to?
Possibly onto the Coon's own production?
if so, that's pretty lame, how about if he increases all feeding effects by 200% for 75 hours, how awesome would that be!
Hard to imagine how it would crackle in the heads of the players :)
But it's probably very simple again and not worth the pet food
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Thank you very much @Karvest
I knew it, quite disappointing, at Inno Games, get a little more offensive in the distribution of mechanics, it gets tiring playing 30 day events for something that just looks pretty.


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Scouting reduction reduced, now only -0.65 on 35 lvl. + additional chests for NH added to same AW.
ooh this is exactly why i dont look at the game files anymore.
If i would have first heard it was -65% i would have celebrated, woohooo.
But now im dissapointed because i read here it was -80% and was already hyped about that :)
Was hoping to get back to 1 day scouting, guess it will be 2 day again now :)

Bor de Wolf 1965

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Why do you complain about a 65% time reduction on the scouts @Heymrdiedier ?
I would be happy with any reduction from over 5 days.
65% may not sound as much but still is would be over 3 days and 6 hours.
so you would be left with 1 day and 18h
Oke, it will take a long time to get this reduction but still I am happy with it.

Enevhar Aldarion

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Since this is normally the event where we get a new bear, I was going to complain about it being a raccoon, but then I remembered a slang name for them in the US is Trash Panda, so I guess it is okay. lol