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(Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!


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small numbers yes
huge effect though
a level 3 city can easyly make more than 100 bracelets per day
yes mine can do up to 150 but it' not enough to win, the high score for french server (118250) was made without that kind of city (with last evolution timewarp for ghost badge is more usefull than that kind of city )


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Hey everyone!
Please send all feedback regarding the most recent Release Note (https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/release-notes-version-1-151.17661/post-107431) over to the Discussion Thread designated for this topic: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/release-notes-version-1-151.17662/

It's important to give all feedback to the correct threads so they can be seen and not lost in off-topic discussions, elsewhere.
Please also keep communications respectful towards one another and to the Moderation Team. Thank you! :)


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@SyreArca if that thread had actually said "we are making these major changes to the research in the first five chapters". instead of some vague "minor tweaks", then maybe all these comments would have been in the right place to begin with.

Thanks for your feedback and apologies for any confusion. All that being said, this is why the reminder was sent above regarding the recent beginning chapter changes. Please do continue the discussion there (including any questions or concerns), to quell any further confusion on where to give/find feedback . :)


Enevhar Aldarion

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I guess that with all the crap wrong with this game right now, we at least don't have to worry about chapter 20 being added any time soon after all.


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something heard or read in the files for next event or for next FA?
Normally something should start next tuesday.

Lord Maz

So it will be a different type than the last few times? If I remeber correctly we had for a long time type F.


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Not even a line of code so far. They are either working on it separately and not pushing it to the client files, or we have still a bunch of time till it arrives. (But I saw some other new features hidden in the files and personally am pretty much looking forward to these as well:)).


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Hi guys! Is it true that the is going to be a 4th level in spire? One of my member was asking. I haven't heard about it. Can anybody confirm?


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Hi guys! Is it true that the is going to be a 4th level in spire? One of my member was asking. I haven't heard about it. Can anybody confirm?
Wishfull thinking of someone who had no clue how stuff works?

Many people think if I can get more points my problem of gettng gold is solved, what they fail to see is that if you add more points gold need to be rebalanced and will also cost more points.

we have seen so many times that people dream/ask for a change and when they get it are angry it's acompanied by a mayor downside for example.

4 levels of spire would mean ~1800 points for gold required and the current prizes redistributed over 16 extra prize points.
So you might get 5-10% more prizes overall for a lot more work.

This is how you can shatter there dreams