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New Game Features Spire of Eternity's improvements


The Spire was a really good move to give Elvenar that dungeon-style alternative for players that dont like tournaments or play in fellowship, so they can also have 'their thing'. But as I could confirm these first months since its appearance, it wasnt a popular option for most of the players. The explanations for this can be many, but there are some major factors that made the Spire a not very likeable event.
The prizes: for the difficulty that it has, it looks like that some CC's, timers, spell fragments and other stuff doesnt even cover the costs that you have to make in order to advance through the spire. Now with the adding of the magic residence/workshop I think this will change for many players. The idea of getting 1400 diamonds buildings from a chest seems to be a very big motivator. But to make the interest considerably higher I think it would be a good idea to add random artifacts into the chests. The people who starts after the evolution buildings's events are going to see their MA flooded by level 1 buildings for which they dont have the possibility to upgrade. Yes, the FA gives a few artifacts but they are every 3 months, and for the amount of evolution buildings that already exists it will take years to level up them. But if they could obtain some random artifacts from the Spire's stages I can assure you a lot more people will start doing it.
Cooldown time: Even if you manage to defeat the ridiculously high troop squads or the resource-killers diplomacy encounters, you still have to beat another enemy in the Spire: the time you have in order to complete it. It seems even harder than reaching the 6th round in the tournaments before the Time Warp and now the Polar Bear. So to make this less asfixiating it would be nice if these two buildings's effects could also work in the Spire in the same way they do in the tournaments, this will definitely make it more enjoyable.
No ranking: Some people wonder why there are players that innecessary throws away a lot of troops and products every week in tournaments. An answer for this may be that there is a certain competition against the others to see who makes the most points and this is reflected in the tournament ranking. The feeling of ending in the higher positions is a way bigger incentive than the meaningless amount of general ranking points that you receives for doing it, so the players makes a lot of effort to reach them. The Spire has none of this. In many others games there is a table that shows the number of dungeons or raid bosses made by the players, and I believe that implementing something like this would attract more players to try and end the stages of the Spire.

PS: Sorry for the many grammar mistakes I must have made unnoticed while I wrote this.
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I'd add something against the perma-lottery. The idea of a dungeon currency to be spent on the final door of every level in a "craft-like" mode could be used in combination with the artefact idea. This way you'd have an incentive to get to the end of a level and you could get the artefact you want (given enough currency).
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