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Discussion Spire of Eternity


After going through it once, I won't be playing in the Spire again. Too much effort and resources used for such lame rewards. The battle system is flawed. Automatic fights are weighted heavily in the favor of the enemy. The battle system is also flawed in the regular battles. But I won't even get into that.
For me, and a lot of people in my Fellowship, the Spire is a big DUD!!!

Loki Blue

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I always auto-fight, and I had no problem this time around, even with the 2-wave chest. I stopped there because I got the Portal Profit reward I wanted, but I could have continued if I had felt like it.

I think this feature just boils down to "it's not to everyone's taste".


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then the first time I killed all my troops and now it's back easier ... well then I'll wait for the next one that sure will be even easier and I avoid the meat this time .........
....... or almost better I wait for it to be complete and you can play to see if it is worth it or not, because right now it is totally useless, a game of golf for bored rich people.


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Some stats:

If I won the most common prizes (highest %) on map 1, I would get:
30 Diamonds
12 1hr instants
3 2hr instants
2000 Fragments
3 Catalysts
1 5% Portal Profit
4 coin/supply instants

If I won the rarest prizes (lowest %) on map 1, I would get:
20 catalysts
12,000 Fragments
1 10% Portal Profit
1 building
1 building or 75 Diamonds (same %)
1 building or 100 Diamonds (same %)

By the way... most of us REQUESTED that coin rain and supply windfalls be removed as prizes in the Spire... there are 8 of each as prizes on map 1.

So from this data, I believe that the Spire was created to help us gain the necessary ingredients to CRAFT in the Magic Academy. So we are trading troops for necessary AW ingredients, necessary ingredients to upgrade buildings, spells, and KP or we are trading troops for crafting ingredients, rare buildings, and a few other random items in the Spire.

If I have to choose between the Tournaments or the Spire, due to troop limits, it will definitely be the Tournament until all my AWs are at their highest levels.


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I'm not sure if you can answer me, but, I joined the Beta site a few weeks ago, and I don not see the Spire, do you need to be at a certain level? Thanks.


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Now that manual fighting is available I gave the spire another go, but very little has changed. If there's a difference in difficulty or losses between manual and auto, it's too subtle for me to notice. Losses are massive regardless, and until this is addressed this feature will remain unusable. I still can only get about a third of the way through map 1. That's 5 minutes worth of gameplay, which makes the whole thing pretty redundant.


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To be fair and square, I gave it a 2nd try. Yes, manual fights helps a little bit. The final stop is the 1st Big Boss, 3 waves battle of nearly even sized troops, sounds like a bad and bitter joke to me. It feels like the already provided feedback was misunderstood or simply thrown away.
Anyway, as far as I am concerned, enough is enough. Never more, unless some sort of sanity is thrown into the process.


King of Bugs
1. i dont see a reason why on 2 or 3 waves encounters, manual combat, game needs to leave battlefield to go to spire and then go again to battlefield for next wave, looks like waste of time and resources
2. some combination of units between waves and map layouts are incredibly bad, mainly mage+orc strategist in 1 wave and 2 dogs in second or 3rd wave
3. map layout + same unit compositions repeats too much, gets boring too soon doing exaclty same thing over and over again

Golden Awaken

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Greetings Everyone ;)
@Marindor I just notice that the opponent troups are right away 3* (meaning they already have either offensive or defensive bonuses). Since we got 3 levels on the Spire, could it be possible to increase the opponent level as we go up the Spire?
Kind Regards, GA

Edit : I think I've got my answer from your first post of this thread, I apologize for having wasted your time ;)
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I have gotten to the 9 hour cooldown on the latest spire. Still doing auto-fight as I am managing the fights so far.
But the rewards are still not something that will make me want to come back. Coin and supply rain are worthless except to disenchant.
And I could do the spire 20+ times and still not get the set buildings put together. So they aren't a motivation. I can't depend on ever getting them.

I'll see how it goes beyond this cooldown. Can I get it done or not. When it gets really hard I might try manual. Haven't done that it years.
Would I cater if it were an option. Not sure. Depends on the prizes.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Hi guys!

Thank you once again. Quick question: Consideren the upcoming Diplomacy feature, how do you feel about the coin rains and supply windfalls? Because you will probably be using more supplies and coins when you choose to negotiate your way through the harder encounters, considering that situation, would you still rather see these rewards replaced or do you think that in that perception, these are actually fine in-between rewards?


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So people are going to do the Spire in order to get the coin rains and supply windfalls they need in order to do the Spire?

None of this is real, and everything we do in the game is to some degree pointless, but this seems especially cynical.


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Elvenar Team
@Crowella No, please read what I say :) People do the Spire of course for the bigger rewards. I'm talking about the in between rewards now.


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I produce far more coins than I can use. The excess just goes into KPs.
And most days I 'waste' supplies at the Wholesaler because I can't use them all on troops.
Recently I have been using more and more goods to buy KPs because there just isn't enough need for them in later chapters. I mostly fight tournaments and provinces so I am down to just 9 goods buildings which produce more than I can use.

So no, I do not need more coin/supplies instants. I have plenty saved up and get more as unwanted prizes in each event. Don't need more here.


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@Crowella No, please read what I say :) People do the Spire of course for the bigger rewards. I'm talking about the in between rewards now.
Sorry, but what should be the bigger rewards? We needs spire to be something, that pusch us forward, not slow us down...I miss some GREATER KP motivation.


King of Bugs
I have hundreds of supplies and coins instants on every world where i play.
For a fighter i dont think this will change anything, they dont need it.
Only group who could use it are negotiators but only if spire will require like 40 mil coins/4 mil supplies per map for chapter 14, which wont happen i guess.
Coins are most common resource in the game and not giving it for free and asking more of it could actually force people to do more NH on the map to get it, since after lighthouse nerf amount of NH went down.

OR if you implement a new way to buy units for supplies and coins (same as KP) in near future where we could actually use all those useless resources, then it could be helpfull


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@Crowella No, please read what I say :) People do the Spire of course for the bigger rewards. I'm talking about the in between rewards now.
I dont think there fine prizes, even for an in between, I would rather have for example a magical manufacturing spell or a few power of provinsions as an in betweener. even better some KP like the tournaments.

The main issue is how easy it is to get for example gold coins bij doing neigbourly help, coins are mainly an issue in the very early game, once you're past that stage your constantly overflowing in coins most of the times.