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City [Spells] Collecting spells in Magic Academy

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Make it possible to open het Magic Academy for Crafting without automatically collecting the finished spells.

The magic academy is now a building that has two functions and one cannot collect a crafted item without collecting spells first.
It would be nice to see a collect button on each spell enchantment in the Magic academy, the same as it does when collecting a crafted item.

More user friendly than the current round plus no annoyance by accidentally collecting spells.

Possible downsides
It would mean that people who do want to collect their spells, need to do an extra step (either push a button or get through a confirmation popup).
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i see a very valid point here.
If you want make some spells for FA you cant check the crafting tab if you dont have the right FA up at that time. That indeed kinda sucks
Maybe a shortcut key to go to the crating tab immediatly would fix it allready? like theres allready a shortcut for trader


@SoggyShorts that's a convoluted way to get to my crafting feature. I tried it, but who would think to go to inventory, then click on disenchant to get to another window that says crafting, then click on that to get to the crafting page. This is as backwards as it gets. Simple solution, collect buttons for enchantments when I click on my magic academy.