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Sorceries (inventory)


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In inventory there’s a tab that i haven’t noticed before ”Sorceries” - ”this is where you store your sorceries that you can win in events or other occasions”.

A new feature ? Or have I missed some announcement ?
What are those ?

I noticed this in ipad, haven’t checked if it is visible other devices (in case it’s brand new).


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Oh, I just saw a picture with the description oft the RSK in the FA thread....so yes, it does mean choice of artifact, though it is a limited choice. That's great :)))


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There can be different rewards in the kit. This one allow you to select one of 2 "halloween" artifacts.
There are kits with coins/supplies/AWKP instants, with "winter" evo bases, with "winter" artifacts/royal restorations, etc.


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Have you read something "official" about it? Everything is not confirmed until is released/announced, game files can always be modified.
But if it is info got from current game files it has some real basis... while, on the other hand, everybody's speculations (including myself) have not...
@Karvest usually provides good useful information, it was just to confirm it


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My info is from client files. But they are often subject to change before release. And some things are in client files for ages, but never seen ingame.