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Not a Bug Something is wrong with task 65


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I am on task 65, "Research a technology or Upgrade 2 Buildings to level 4 or higher", upgraded one scroll factory to lvl 16 and that counted but when my marble factory upgraded to lvl4 nothing happened. Now is upgrading to lvl5, I will post if that will count


King of Bugs
isnt wording changed to upgrade level 4 or higher? which means you need to have level 4 building and upgrade it now


QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
@Dony is right once again: you need to upgrade at least level to 5 to get counted on quest.
Archive as non bug.


Exact quest wording is "Research 1 technology or Upgrade level 4 or higher buildings 2 times".


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Ok, it is done now when the factory upgraded to lvl5 (but the wording is not the usual so I misread it...)