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Events Smoother event quest system


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The idea would be to upgrade the event quests as a multiple daily quest lines similarly to the fellowship badges with a possible 3 daily cap per badge for free and with diamond restart. It could use the same mechanic with progressively harder quests with a little bit more EC. I attach some examples. Especially, since the badge collection will be continuous soon. This would encourage competition in the league system but would be still possible to collect dailies and a full set even to smaller cities. Not to mention the royal pass would worth much more.


I would rework some of the quests, so it could be different from a fellowship adventure with more themed challenges to the events. I believe it would bringa lot of positives and aid current problems.

I would advise to limit the base options to 2 max and use some tomes other base options and artifacts for other options for those who would reach the 3rd base. So those who want more could still race for the league, but wouldn't result in 5 bases like with the mermaid unlimited quest line.

I think it would be super easy to implement. Especially with the current improvements. I'm curious what you guys think. :)