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Slow Google Chrome?

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'Tab Discarding' in Google Chrome: A Memory-Saving Experiment

Chrome recently introduced a feature that puts Browser Tabs to sleep when you leave to go elsewhere on your browser.
This is damn irritating when you come back a minute later and have to struggle to wake it up again!

Although this experiment has good intentions - to speed up your computer by anesthetizing unused tabs - often it has the opposite effect!


1. Type this in a browser tab: chrome://flags/#enable-tab-discarding
2. Find the section: 'Automatic tab discarding' - and Disable it.
3. Restart your browser!!
4. Fixed!

Thanks to Chris Heart for this info!!!

Disclaimer: This 'fix' probably won't work next week when they try another 'experiment'.


Read the discussion thread here: https://tinyurl.com/y3vxgr9r

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