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User Interface Show AW reward chests before donations

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Late to the topic... but I agree with Soggy. We don't have "target" wonders as he describes, but we do have kp chains & trades/deals going on regularly. If someone has filled it through trades only, he might only have 3 slots filled. Now the real question is, how many more slots are left? As it gets close to full, we want to maximize the kp instants that get handed out to the FS, so we will divide the kp remaining by the chests remaining and tell everyone that they have a shot at some kp instants if they help fill the AW. It keeps non-FS members out, forces Inno to give away more kp instants, and gets our FS members a few more kp.

Right now, we either go to Gamers Gems or we toss a kp in to see if there is another chest left. It would be nice if the AW screen would have that info instead.

I don't see why anyone has an issue with us trying to get Inno to give out more kp instants in this use case. I am definitely voting for this idea. I hope it hits 20+ so we can see it forwarded on to the devs. More information in-game is always welcome.


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I see no downside to this idea and think it's great! I often post in chat after donating to 1 of my members "[player's name]'s [AW] needs only [# of KP] to upgrade and there are still at least 2 or 3 chests left to claim if anyone wants to toss in a couple". I've never looked on any site to see how many chests are available, just always took a guess. I think it would be nice to have the info right there :)

And snipers? Go ahead and toss in a KP! If that 1 KP gets them a reward, then they deserve it. If anyone doesn't want them to deserve it, then they should communicate with their FS and let their fellows know that their AW is about to level, and a small contibution of at least 2 KP will get them a reward chest.. :cool:


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@Karvest : Elvengems is under construction. Page with AWs is still on gamersgemsofknowledge.com, new pages are on elvengems.com. I guess they don't want to add new levels when it's still old version, I think that the new version will be with all changes (new levels, Amuni AWs) :)