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Sentient Goods Calculator


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This is a Google spreadsheet.

The first tab, "Sentient Goods Production", is a way to see your current production as it is affected by the Timewarp AW, Simia Sapiens AW and usage of MM spells which may be boosted by the Elvenar Trade Center AW. It also allows you to do "what if" calculations where you can change the number and levels of your sentient factories and/or the levels of your ancient wonders.

The second tab, "How many days...", calculates how many days it will take to get to a certain inventory amount in a sentient tier.


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... surprised no-one else has commented on this. Very useful tool ! Thanks for making it :)

(... so in case anyone didn't already know, if you only have one of each Sentient Goods manu, you're doomed. You will literally not be able to get enough Sentient goods to get through the Elvenars chapter (even with MM spells). If you can somehow find enough Simia Sapiens rune shards (and a spare 4-5000kp) and get that to level 13 or higher it might also work, but ...
If you have two of each, you might make it ... but I have a feeling that you can't run full-time production in that many Sentient goods manus because you'll run out of seeds.
If only Inno had boosted the amount of seeds with the Trader upgrades (someone even suggested that, many months ago ... oh wait, that was me :) ) )