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Answered Selling Barracks


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Why is it not possible to sell a barracks?

Yes, I have a reason why I want to do this :p


Its is considered a key building to the game. You can't sell barracks, magic academy, builders hut, trader or main hall.


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Because this topic came up several times and it intriqued me I have started a new city. Won't ever be anything large and won't stay long, but I wanted to see what happens when you don't build the barracks.

First, chap 1 is going to take quite a bit longer. In chap 1, you don't have a lot of resources, the questline is an important source of much needed coins and supplies. However, once you hit the quest to build the barracks you are stuck as it cannot be declined, so you will have to limp along until you get past the advanced scouts for chap 2, which will render all chap 1 quests optional. And you'll have to skip several and lose those rewards, some of which were deliberately designed to help you speed along the first chapter(s).

Second, in chap 2 you'll run into the same issue at some point where certain troops are required and upgrading the barracks to a certain level. The training ground with additional such quests can at least be built and sold off.
With the low yield (low amounts of relics and low lvl factories) for T2 goods catering provinces will be a pain too.

In chap 3 same thing again with quests to train certain units and thus getting stuck on the questline and missing rewards that would help you speed along.

Best if you want to try this is to find a good FS that could help you along with some 1-star trades and thus donate some goods to give you a boost, but that goes for any city. The missed rewards nobody can donate to you.

All in all I found it is possible, but painfully slow to get to chap 4 without a barracks, but it can be done. After that things slowly get easier as you can place quite some extra factories when not having the barracks (nor armories, which you can build and sell off for quests).

As for the barracks not being able to be sold because of being a 'core building' I find that no longer true.
Yes, it WAS true because when elvenar was started a new player did not get a whole bunch of troops to start with, there was no training grounds, nor a mercenary camp, nor were there troop-instants or any kind of buildings that created troops except the barracks. Playing without any kind of troops at all was all but impossible. That just is no longer the case; there are multiple other ways to get troops without having a barracks, it is not even the only building where troops can be trained, which means it no longer is a real core building.

This really should be considered by Inno, and it should be made possible to sell it off. If someone later wants to rebuild it, spending a lot of time and resources doing so, there is nothing against that.


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Yes, there are actually players here who avoid any fight and just negotiate everything.
These players do not require troops.


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The issue is that the game is presented as having the option to do either. You can, but for someone who just wants to cater the Barracks will be 'dead space' that can never be used for anything else.
And unlike when the game began, there now are multiple options to gain troops.
I can understand the Main Hall and Builders being permanent, as they are indeed crucial. I can even see the MA being considered to be a crucial building, even though I personally feel that if someone would like to play without it, he should be allowed to sell it and rebuild it, especially since it needs diamonds to be upped to be really useful.


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As for the barracks not being able to be sold because of being a 'core building' I find that no longer true.
Concur. I did similar to you and have a couple cities with no barracks at all. They did just fine (although, they were started prior to the latest version of the tech tree). I further agree that there are plenty of ways to make troops now that they don't all have to be queued up and produced via the Barracks any longer. I'd love to see the ability to sell off (or even transport) the barracks added into the options available to players.