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Seeking a Structured FS with clear Rules and Goals

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Deleted User - 90665

Hi.. :)

I have only been on Beta since the first of this month, and in spite of the resource bug, I am in chapter 3 already, just about to research T3 goods.. I have gotten over 1000 points for both Tourneys that I have participated in from the beginning of the Tourney.. I'm a daily player and have been playing on live worlds for over a year.. I may be small, but I pack a powerful punch.. ;) My boosts are Marble :marble:, Silk :silk:, and Gems :gem:.. I think my current FS are a fantastic group, and even though our views on rules differ, we are parting as friends..

I like structure, rules, and goals.. I am a FS / Team player, enjoying anything and everything where we work together to achieve our goals.. I'm old school, I respect leadership, follow instructions (within reason), and I avoid arguments and drama.. I'm usually one of the top scorers in my various FS's Tournaments.. I LOVE FA's and was in charge of the last one for my Winyandor FS (Live World) at the time.. I'm not that great at the Spire, but I do try.. Lol..

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via in-game mail..
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if you like, you could try a new experience joining an italian FS whith no rules, but trying to arrive to have a 10 chest each week. Look for my nick in beta

Deleted User - 90665

Thank-you Marco.. :)

I was actually just logging on to post that I have found a FS with a Fellow from Live worlds, here on Beta and will be joining them.. :)

Thanks for the response to my post, but it is now closed..