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in this window (see screenshot):

how do I harvest it.

clicking on the building does not work. how do I get it.

(I want a real answer)

and I have no clue what valid files are right now. I reducded the quality over and over again, and the system complained that it is not valid. so live with it that I cannot upload a valid screenshot-file-

EDIT 2: no clue, if that screenshot works for you, but at least I could upload it to your forum.
EDIT 3: apparently now your system allowed me to upload an actually useful image. because the first one was just garbage. please resolve at least the issue with your crappy board software.



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okay, really weird stuff: maybe it is a bug. (current vivaldi version, current flash version, current win 10 version):

I built a workshop, set it to 5 minutes.... and guess what: clicking on the workshop and swiping to the temple of the toads allowed me to harvest it.

without that extra workshop, I apparently can'r harvest the AW.

please resolve that bug. it is weird and doesn't speak for your employees that this bug even exists.