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World Map Scouting - Old problem with easy solution

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My Shadow

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Implement a permanent scouting icon in the main HUD.

When it comes to scouting everyone still wants to know when their scout is finished. , AKA an Icon somewhere that tells you the scout is available. Scouting can take well over 75 hours if your at the end of the KP tree and have a ton of provinces scouted and sometimes you forget to check (seriously that is over 3 days).

With the recent advances in programming already in the game (AKA events - scout 1 province = reward)

Why couldn't the developers just add a small icon in the bottom of the screen menu that changes color when your scout is available? The programming has already been done!

Makes it easier to see when the scout has finished scouting.

Possible downsides
UI reasons / too crowded in info being shown.
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Something like this is badly needed. It just sucks to always have to go to the world map to look up how far the scout currently is. :rolleyes: