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Scouting Level ... Again


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I am in the middle of chapter 4 with 58 of 75 provinces explored and my scouting difficulty is "hard". I know Inno has made the early chapters more difficult but this is ridiculous. I just completed a squad size increase and my difficulty went down to medium for a day and a half then went back to hard. It increased for no reason other than time period. What gives? Is this a bug? At any rate the chapter is going to take a very long time to complete unless the exploration difficulty changes. If I weren't an experienced player, I would have quite awhile ago. There is such a thing as too hard to be enjoyable!


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scouted provinces != completed provinces. Unscouted provinces difficulty is increasing after every new scout.
There is nothing bad with "hard" provinces. Even if you can't fight them (they are not really hard, especially if you have some booster buildings placed for tournaments) - you can always negotiate them with goods.


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Beginning with Chapter 2 I always negotiated these provinces, because they were too hard to fight for my possibilities.

Maybe you got a good FS, so please ask for goods to negotiate, because the quantity of goods is just something out of petty cash for players in the upper chapters.

Lovec Krys

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There has been a peek in difficulty in province fightings(up to orange) in the early chapters for a long time. I don't remember exact chapters, but somewhere around chapters 3 to 5.
After that, it goes down to usual green (if you don't overscout).

But if you don't waste your space for useless several chapters old event buildings (including many low level evos like many players do), you should have enough place for enough manufactories to negotiate all the world map encounters and overscout as much as you want to.
The only problem with overscouting in that case can be hitting the orc wall if you go through chapters slow while overscouting as fast as you can. But after that, there is not another wall, so cou can scout as much as you want to.