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New Game Features Rune Fragments


New Member
I've been using the Ferris wheel to generate Rune Fragments for my Ancient Wonders as well as collecting them in Fellowship Tourneys. I have built the first two Wonders. The first (Tome of Secrets) is upgraded in the usual way...with research points. However, the second one, Golden Abyss, is upgraded with Runes, built with the fragments. Since the game assigns new fragments to the first available slot (always the Golden Abyss), the next Wonder is never assigned any fragments. I could just leave the Runes un-forged and maybe the fragments would go to the next Wonder.

Why not change the fragment assignment to be determined by the player? Instead of the game/computer deciding where they go, I would prefer to assign them to the Wonder I prefer to build/upgrade.

I am playing in Beta 1 World.


Active Member
Broken Shards can already be used in any Wonder you wish. When you have 10 Broken Shards, open the Wonder you need a Rune for, press (or tap) 'Forge Rune'' and one of the vacant spots will be filled. ;)