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Discussion Royal Restoration Spell


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I kinda like the idea but i do not like that the chance of getting desired building beeing turned down due to more recipes available.
The crafting set you can remove be crafting it one time and keeping it in inventory or city.
Would be cool if some recipes are only available when really needed.
So relics would only be craftable with less than 1.000 (or 500) relics available or so.

Before the new recipes you can craft 3.6 combat boosters a week. Now with 6 new recipes it dropped to 3.3 per week :(


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Really boring, after a useless set, you add more recipes again ! You need to reintroduce military building in events or you need a better way/less cost to refresh the recipes or have fixes recipes !?


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I remember a lot of players asking for a free (or using gold) daily refresh.
I think with this BP>rr solution (which I like in a global way), the need of refreshing is just too big to be diamonds only.


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1 blueprint + 3 catalysts = 10 RR
2 blueprints + 5 catalysts = 20 RR
3 blueprints + 7 catalysts = 30 RR

1 shard + 450 fragments = 3KP instant
3 shards + 1100 fragments = 10KP instant
5 shards + 1300 fragments = 15KP instant
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Darkness Forever

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Even though this is a terrible solution, I don't care anymore. Inno, just implement SOMETHING!!!

The good: We get RR finally :(

The bad:
1.Further diluting the crafting pool reduces the amount of items that people actually want to craft.
2. The added costs of the catalyst spell is a slap in the face for every player.
3. It can potentially take years to convert all BP's to RR's for those who have been collecting BP's to eventually upgrade Event Buildings.
4. There is STILL no way to see how many BP's a player has in inventory (except magic building upgrades)
5. Now players who have never won a blueprint can and will lose one or more of their crafting slots due to the BP requirement. This solution makes them the biggest losers since they can no longer use their MA at 100%

If this is the way it's going to be, the Blueprints should be added to your inventory under the instants tab. At least that way we can disenchant them for other uses since it is obvious that some of us with a lot of BP's will never be able to convert all of them into RR spells anyway.


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I like the implementation as long as the tournament rewards stay the same so we get 1 BP and 5 RR per tourney which can be exchanged for 15 RRs in total.

It's way better than the first 2 tries.
The only drawback is that there are less chances to get other recipes now.

Thanks for this solution.
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3 recipes / 94 total = 3.20%to get one of them in some slot.* 5 slots * 3 times per day = 38.5% to see at least one recipe/day * 7 days = 96.6% to see at least one per week. Correct me if I'm wrong in math.
So if we call it 100%, and the average is 2 bps converted, then players with 80 BP in the bank need 80 weeks to convert, right?
20 Bps takes 20 weeks etc
Assuming they are still earning 1 new BP per week as well.

BTW how many VV for crafting Rr or AW from BRS?


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Recipes have a rarity index, so I do not believe there is the same chance for everything ... For example, I have two months waiting for two buildings and checking 2-3 per day.

This exchange of plans is useless if this is the only way. It would be enough to add more spells and peace.


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Rarity level is 2-3-4, depends on amount of blueprints/shards.
Not sure if rarity level is used for anything other than spell background, tho.

Payback (VV) is 8-16-25 for blueprints and 3-7-10 for shards.