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Discussion Robert Readbeard QLE


From what Ive experienced tackling these quests, and thanks to the advice from members on the Forums, I'd like to share what I've learned to help finish an event. Hopefully this may help some of us complete the next event (which I hope doesn't come too soon).


1. To know what to expect in an upcoming event, go to: https://www.gamersgemsofknowledge.com.

2. Use the space between buildings or clear some space to complete the quests for goods/supplies.
You can breeze through the event if you have the required goods/supplies waiting to be collected.

3. Upgrade Level 1 supply buildings or Tier 1 goods buildings ahead of time to one level below the required level to complete the quest “Upgrade [4]
Buildings to Level 4 or higher”.

4. When a quest says “Gain”, trade the same amount of goods back and forth between two or more players to complete the quest.

5. Stock up on goods, especially if facing Hard and Very Hard provinces.

6. Have 3-4, maybe more, provinces already scouted and waiting to “Solve Encounters”.

7. Send out scouts ahead of time to complete “Scout a Province.”

8. “Instants” come in handy if you’re short on coins and supplies.

9. If you want to increase your goods production boosts, gain Knowledge and Ranking Points, Relics and Rune Shards, don’t delay,
head for the Tournament today. That’s where I went to “Gain Relics.”

10. Visit the Forum to leave your suggestions and complaints, and to read what members have posted.
This helps the game developers improve the events.


All ideas get archived eventually. I put my stories in the Lounge, where I think they stay pretty much forever.
Thank you ashrem. Just ran over to the Lounge and shared my poem there.