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Events Rework Panda to make her valuable

Should panda bear be reworked to be at least comparable with brown/polar bears?

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Panda is amazingly beautiful bear, but the ammounts of goods she produces are laughtable.

She literally gives us 2 spells of magical manufactoring, and less than 30k of Tier 2 goods (in constructs chapter which is max in live servers ATM).

Her ammount of rewards is produced by 4-5 tier 2 manufactories in 3 hours with production spells, or 6 hours without.

What was the reason to punish her so much? With pet food scarcity, her feed effect is worthless... Especially, when you made players able to get more than 3 brown and 3 polar bears to maximum levels.

I demand Panda rework to make her at least comparable to other bears.

Production shorter, more production, producing additionally 2 restoration spells if 48h, or total rework of the concept.
Anything to make her at least COMPARABLE, because you are favorising MILITARY playstyle again over PRODUCTION playstyle.
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