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Spire Revert Spire Diamonds probability reduction

Yogi Dave

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Here is the blue frog, but I won't be going opening that door. So, this is all I can get.



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Could we get a snapshot of the last boss chest, please?
Thanks in advance
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I do not like we Can win/get all the fragment.
last door in laboratory, in last week and this week I get 4000 fragment ;-(
I get enough fragment on the Way to the top.


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EDIT: ... Maybe due to the Artifacts rotation in the Spire (it is update pending)?


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No update pending for now (next week is still the same boblinsexpressserviceartifact), and that screenshot is from today's beta client.
But may be they just copypasted wrong data while reorganizing weighted rewards (there were a lot of changes this week).


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@Karvest , please, can it be confirmed that the diamonds percentage reduction in chests has been reverted (at least in Beta server)?


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In Live servers, it seems it also has been reverted the SpellFrag change in the Final Bosses.
Now, as Comunity, we could discuss if we want to sugggest they change the Protal Profits reward for SpellFragments
Current rewardSuggested reward
Gateway Final Boss30% => Portal Profit 10%30% => ____ SpellFragments
High Halls Final Boss30% => Portal Profit 10%30% => ____ SpellFragments
Laboratory Final Boss20% => Portal Profit 25%20% => ____ SpellFragments

EDIT: Changes for 1st and 3rd miniBosses are kept though.