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FA Renew the path highlight


New Member
The introduction of Pah Highlights is a good idea, but it doesn't work well for small and medium-sized Fellowships.

Suppose the organizer of the adventure decides to follow the blue path up to the 5th Waypoint and then switch to green, in the meantime the 3rd Waypoint (blue) has been reached. How do he/she indicate it? (I'm imagining a small Fellowship that will only complete one path each stage.)

Another case, the organizer of the adventure decides the blue path (and all the other members have followed it without randomly placing badges :rolleyes:). After that he decides he wants to complete more scattered Waypoints (a mix of orange and green). How does he/she indicate them? (I'm imagining a medium Fellowship that will fail to complete all paths of each stage)

(The organizer of the big Fellowships has no problem because at each stage he/she says: "Complete all paths" and the story ends there)

My proposal is the possibility of being able to highlight each Waypoint individually, keeping the highlight buttons as an aid in selecting/deselecting.:)