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Fellowships Remove the language filters on the beta server in-game chat.

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
I and everyone else on the Beta server knows, the main language is English and we have to use it here on the forums.
But in the fellowship chat the main language is what the fellowship decides upon.
If a group of only German speaking players decides to make a fellowship and states in their recruitment text what they are looking for with a clear message German speaking only it would be fine for them to speak in the fellowship chatbox German.
Same goes for Dutch, French, Spanish, .... any other language you can think of.

But now we all know there are certain words in English that are not allowed but someone has ended them with an "*" and that gives us players a problem.
If you are playing this game here on Beta for a couple month and you talk in fellowship chat, you probably have found some words you can't use because of the starting letters.
My request is to remove this language filter.
- it is a peace of code you don't have to maintain.​
- players are now fully free to use any word they want in their own language.​
- Inno can't read everything what was told in the fellowship chat (but do they read it anyways?)​
- players can't report offending language in the fellowship chatbox (but is that possible at at all?)​

I for my self see only positive points in removing this filter and I believe any other language speaking player will see it as well.

Dorfl the Clay

Well-Known Member
I couldn't agree more.. game rules clearly state all players should be at least 16 (thus having reached the age of consent) and should therefore be treated as (young) adults, not like children in kindergarten... surely the mages of each fellowship are more than capable to maintain whatever rules they want to imply in their own FS? And whoever doesn't abides to the rules, will probably be looking for a new fellowship very quickly!


Well-Known Member
+1 I agree.
Inno, leave us alone, let us speak as we like, even if this means some swearing words might slip in the conversations. Stop treating us like being kids.

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
Language filters are always stupid. I have seen so many ways to write something filtered, that working filter would basicaly prohibit any communication at all, because any text would simply look like this:
*** *** *** *** *** ***. *** *** ***, *** ***.