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Release Notes version 1.99


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Release Notes version 1.99

Dear Humans and Elves,

We have updated Elvenar Beta to version 1.99! Today's update includes the following content:


  • The feature that is automatically moving cities to better positions on the World Map has been extended to give better results: Instead of only removing and replacing Cities of deleted player accounts, the automatic movement algorithm can now also temporarily move away inactive Cities from the World Map to free up spots for more active players.
    • The time frame for removal from the World Map depends on player progression - Chapter 1 Cities can make way for active players after only a few days, whereas higher Chapter Cities can take more than a month to be moved.
    • The state of any inactive City (Buildings, Boosted Goods, Neighborly Help, Fellowship, etc.) is stored for at least 30 days (or longer, depending on Chapter reached) and the City is assigned a new location on the World Map on return.
    • Should their original spot still be vacant by the time a player returns, they will find themselves back in their old Neighborhood. If a more active player moved into the respective spot in the meantime, the game will instead choose the next best location for them to return to. In all cases, that means the system attempts to place a player as close to the center of the World Map as possible, while keeping their respective Boosted Goods configuration in consideration.


  • Rewards for the Spire of Eternity should be rewarded correctly.
  • When visiting another player's Ancient Wonder, everything should be aligned correctly.

Please let us know your thoughts in our feedback thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team