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Release Notes version 1.9


Elvenar Team

Dear Humans and Elves,

Today we bring you a few big changes: we're finishing our batch of Ancient Wonders that we have been preparing, by releasing two new Ancient Wonders for Chapter V, which both have some new and unique effects. On top of that, we have implemented ranking points for all existing Ancient Wonders. We have improved the way we display information ingame, including added information in the Ancient Wonder menus and displaying it when your ranking score changes. Of course we have also included a number of bugfixes in this update. Please have a look at the full release notes below for more information!

  • From now on, all Ancient Wonders will grant you Ranking Points - the amount of Ranking Points is based on the number of Knowledge Points spent on the Ancient Wonder. It can take some time after the update before it is also calculated for already existing Ancient Wonders, but this will of course be done.
  • We are finishing a batch of six new Ancient Wonders with this update, introducing the Ancient Wonders for Chapter V of the research tree. These two Ancient Wonders can be unlocked via the 'Forgotten Ancient Wonders' technology, which can be found near the end of the fifth Chapter. The Ancient wonders have the following effects:
    • The Watchtower Ruins: constructing this Ancient Wonder grants you access to a unique player portrait that can be used as an avatar. The building itself also grants bonuses to your city, of course. The first bonus grants you a higher culture boost for culture buildings that received Neighborly Help in your city. The second effect is that the building itself provides Culture. Both effects of course depend on the level of the Ancient Wonder.
    • The Thrones of the High Men: this building gives you access to a unique player portrait as well, and on top of that gives a bonus to your ranking points based on the Ancient Wonder levels of all other Ancient Wonders in your city. As with all Ancient Wonders, the exact numbers depend on the level of the Ancient Wonder.
  • Quests surrounding the Fairy Ancient Wonders have been implemented

  • When you receive Ranking Points, you will see a blimp near the profile box in order to indicate this change in points
  • We have added Help windows to all Ancient Wonder menus, to give everyone an opportunity to read about how the Ancient Wonder work exactly from within the game
  • In the small tutorial for the Neighborly Help Treasures, the Dwarven character has taken his leave and made room for his Human and Elven counterparts

  • With this update we fixed a bug in our calculation of premium costs for the Guest Race Goods. Until now, buying missing Guest Race Goods with Diamonds has been relatively cheap, but this cost has now been increased due to this bugfix. The new costs are more in line with the costs of buying other missing resources. This affects both the Dwarven and the Fairy goods.
  • Fixed depth sorting of some Ancient Wonder background images
  • Unit bars in the new Victory Screen were not always indicating the amount of lost units correctly, which has now been fixed
  • Visiting another player shows their rank again, instead of your own
  • A tooltip when reviving units incorrectly showed your amount of available Diamonds, but now works again
  • Chests shown to indicate Ancient Wonder Help rewards now are correctly shown as wooden chests if the reward does not include a Runeshard and is place 3 or lower
As always, we're looking forward to hearing your feedback. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team
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Elvenar Team
We have just deployed a hotfix on Beta containing:
  • Fixed a problem where visiting a player through the world map could result in an internal server error
  • Resolved an issue where loading the world map could get stuck
  • Added tooltips to the 'Province finished' reward window
  • Fixed a problem where ranking points could get lost


Elvenar Team
A hotfix has been installed on Beta containing the following:
  • Many players were having problems with their buildings being invisible - this has now been fixed and should no longer occur


Elvenar Team
A hotfix has been deployed containing the following:
  • Fixed an issue where production could get stuck in certain buildings (especially the Barracks, Magic Academy and the Night Farm) - starting production in these buildings now works again


Elvenar Team
We just updated Beta with the following changes:
  • It was sometimes still impossible to collect production from the Night Farm, which has been corrected now
  • The last quest of "The Contest" questline was changed to prevent players getting stuck there
  • Coing from Gold Mines now count towards "Collect X Coins"-type quests
  • Fixed an issue with a blimp that showed how much culture you gain when replacing a street