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Discussion Release Notes version 1.88

Beezle Bug

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I don't like less pet food recipes either. Not at all.
It becomes more and more complicated when I have to coordinate spire and tournament and then calculate with timeboosters or time reduction by time warp (and polar bear?)...
Oh my! I just want to play.

I don't like T3-relicts are the only ones for the pet food. They are so rare already even with top 100 tournament.
But I like my academy working nonstop producing spells. That is fun^^.

And I don't really like the 6h-change of recipes.
Of course I like having more recipes - but ... the problem with having a good 8 h sleep or working 5 d a week has been discussed already.

Perhaps, it would be a way, to do it like the wholesaler or similar?
A player can change the recipes 3 times a day for free or less goods/money/ supplies - after that he has to use diamonds.

Lovec Krys

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I hope that when you'll be deciding again which recipes you drop, that you will take into account the fact, that we are forced to craft garbage recipes due to often appearing quest requiring vision vapor. So best would be to don't count crafted garbage during event time into this statistics.


King of Bugs
any reason why teleport spell cant be used on evolving building? its a bug?
also why not to use it on obsolete AWs?
i am happy that it can be used on workshops and T1, will help with events like zodiac tho


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any reason why teleport spell cant be used on evolving building? its a bug?
also why not to use it on obsolete AWs?
i am happy that it can be used on workshops and T1, will help with events like zodiac tho
are you seeing the teleportation spell already?


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Based on early event feedback and the concern that not all players will have sufficient time to max out their production buildings for specific quests, we have reacted and enabled the following change on Beta already: Workshop production quests with requirements for a minimum building level have been adapted to not require the minimum available level from the previous Chapter (current Chapter-1) but instead from 3 Chapters ago (current Chapter-3). These values might still change as we monitor analytics data on the event and player progression. In adition, the "Scout 1 province" quest without an alternative now got the alternative "OR Research 1 Technology".

Modification that is strictly useless when we have finished all searches ... :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: we need a third OR


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I have to agree. Adding "or research a technology" has no sense. Players who have technologies to unlock are usually lower chapters, where time for scouting is much lower. For advanced players (especially endtech) this is no alternative, it's still difficult as before. Or is this meant to force us to unlock non-mandatory squad size upgrades? I already started thinking devs realize not all players want them..


Well you’ve finally done it INNO! This is going to be my last post, because I QUIT!

6 weeks ago I’ve put my live city in hibernation, because I just couldn't stand another FA or tournament anymore. I didn’t want to have anything to do with the spire, and had at best a lacklustre interest in events. I’ve started with this game since it launched on the Dutch server because I really liked a fantasy city-building game. So I opted for hibernation because I was hoping against hope that a new chapter would arrive and that it really had something new and exciting for us. But this hope is gone now, you’ve totally crushed it.

For this event, you force us to build more high level t1-manus and workshops that we don’t need for our city. And most likely expect us to tear them down again after the event, because there’s a new FA, Challenge, or small event just around the corner. Until the next long event, where we are supposed to have them again.

Probably you think that the new Teleport Building Spell is the solution for this. But you’ve made this exclusive for that idiotic Spire. End-tech players who researched a lot of optional squad size upgrades, have a hard time in the Spire. This has been said over and over again concerning the tournaments. But you’ve never bother to adjust for it, because you simple don’t care about end-tech players. Probably because many of them have stopped spending money on this game. I know I have.

I’m already sure that you will make the Spire (semi-)mandatory, just like you did with the tournaments. Not participating in tournaments means lack of relics. Lack of relics means not being able to craft in the MA. Not crafting in the MA means no pet food. No pet food means having useless evolving event buildings, And so on and so on. I’m convinced you will do the same with the spire.

Also, thinking that we should be grateful that you adjusted the “ scout a province” with “ scout a province OR research a tech”, is just a thumbing your noise at end-tech players. You’ve pushed us way beyond acceptable scouting times. since it is 5-6 days for many end-tech players who still want to do events, and also had to scout provinces in the chapter quests. Sure we can use time instants, but 5 days = 120 hours. So winning 8 hours time instants in events, still means that you need to use 15 of those, for just 1 event quest!

I find the total disrespect towards end-tech players appalling, and it definitely sucked all the fun out of the game for me. So I’m done with it, don’t even care about a possible new chapter anymore. I’ve lost all hope that it could be something truly exciting.


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Why are there still 9 recipients in the source code, but no one on the beta or live server has seen anything other than the T3 strain since the update?

I believed that the developers were smart enough to limit us to no more than 1/5 slots. Not that it simply cuts only some types and thus creates a relic deficit.

Is it possible to explain how it is? It is really already possible to find feed only T3 or the whole world has only "bad luck".


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No one get any recipe other than T3. That can't be bad luck.
Other disabled recipes are still in game files too, btw.


King of Bugs
Inno barely removes something from the game permanently, they usually just disable it, because they can come back to it one day and enable it again


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I have got 10 Teleportspell. That is great. Is a nice feature. But I dont like, that i cant replace the most evolving buildings. That were the most importend buildings for me, to replace.
Will you change this? Would be great!