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Discussion Release Notes version 1.84


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Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the Release Notes of our current game version here and let us hear your thoughts about it in this thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team


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Declining a Diplomacy attempt in the Spire no longer changes the needed resources.
I dont know why this was considered as a bug, but its a quite big nerf for many average players, it was quite a good strategy if you reached the point that you dont have certain resource, you could skip that and try next option with a cost to spend 5xresource, now its impossible to progress if you dont have sentient goods/mana/seed and there is none on market. Please consider this.


The late modification is absurd (fixed ressources), the mana 5000 /slot/try => i produce 65000/day (but most of all is taken by production), how do i convince ? (badder as the battle is impossible to win too !!).


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Did they give you the wrong changelog, @Marindor ? This "change" has been around for months! Here's a comparison:

The tooltip on top is from EN2 ( v1.82.3-(5f49714) (2019-07-03 09:16) ), the bottom tooltip is from Beta ( v1.84-(33bbddb) (2019-07-10 21:13) ). I fail to see the difference...


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Also, for finished productions this information wasn't available yet :)
Not true. That information was always available, except during a short period when there was a bug. But the bug was fixed long ago. Here's another screenshot:
Two workshops, one from Beta and one from EN2. Both show the NAME of what has been produced (Advanced Tools for one, Beverages for the other) and the amount of supplies produced. I still fail to see any difference.

I have also included a Ferris Wheel Gallore from EN2. Again the tooltip shows the name of what has been produced and the amount.


I absolutely LOVE the fact that we can now get Treasure Chests when doing Visits using the mobile app! I also like the new graphics, too. Thank you so much for doing this for us!

There is one very small problem I have when doing Visits while using the mobile app: when visiting a player who has previously visited me (within the 23 hour time frame), when the Coins and Supplies show up on the screen, the Coin amount is right over the players Banner, so it takes an extra couple of seconds to let it fade enough to where I can see what that player wishes help with. Not a huge deal, for sure, but when you have 67 Fellowship Members to visit, not to mention the hundreds of neighbors, the extra time does add up. Is there any way to lower the Coin amount a bit so the Banner can be seen?

Keep up the good work! I love Elvenar even more now than when I started playing 3 years ago! :)


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I suppose that by blimp you mean a floating animation?
I know no one who actually won a djinn, so it's just curiosity


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so I have the updated version of visiting neighbors when using my laptop in the non beta version and love it - it is like the mobile version including getting chests but on my laptop. Been waiting for the beta version to update - why hasn't it yet? Would actually have expected the change to have appeared in beta first.
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