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Discussion Release Notes version 1.75


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Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the Release Notes of our current game version here and let us hear your thoughts about it in this thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team


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according to the live release note yes
its sad that live release note talks about fixed bug for live server when it was not fixed in beta at that time


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The Core slowdown from 560 to 350 is a bad decision
the core require mana to produce "basic", the "other 4" require that "basic"
those "other 4" is used in island
the design require 4 number of 4 kind of island, total 16 islands
I have try to best to place 12 islands
with the "slowdown" affect the island...
I have nearly 2m mana when start "constucts"

now, I have serious problem in island production
in fact, some of them need to stop "production" even i use "curse" to get additional mana

I do not think we need 16 island (in future ) as most of them will stop production
Most Island are "no-use:" decoration only, no island production, no culture, no seed, no mana, no coins, no supplies, nothing...

The Core is no longer work properly with island

if the core need to "slowdown"
please also reduce amount of material require from Core and amount of mana require for "basic"

Inno need to re-balance the relationship between core,island ...
possible start by reducing amount of mana require to produce "basic"


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This would not be a first GR that have secondary production buildings idle for the most of the time if settlement is built for quest fulfillment...


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Does anyone know what are the requirements of the quest(s) that give Diamonds? Or has no one reached that far yet?


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quest...when u start a new chapter (races) or end of new chapter(?) ...something like that....give diamond

building...goes to "wishing well" and pray to see whether u get it

Lovec Krys

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He ment diamond quest(s) at the end of the chapter.
Probably no one there yet.

My settlement will be around half size anyway (probably only 2 of each island), so I'm this will be a long chapter probably anyway.


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I have 16 island in my city , 560 production was to high.
I have over 4k for each in stock and I stop tot spending mana to produce them from 3 days ago.
So if 360 is the new production it is ok ( on live I still have 560 on core )


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Does anyone know what are the requirements of the quest(s) that give Diamonds? Or has no one reached that far yet?
im hoping its unlock ancient wonders of the constructs, or sell your portal :)
Theres a few people on live who allready build the ancient wonders, theoretically they could know, but they bought off a lot of it, so they probably ignored the main quest .... =)


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Inno need to re-balance the relationship between core,island ..
Why do not suppress the intermediary production !? It will be easier that the core produces the items needed by island, core => core, a useless step !


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hm... haven't looked so far:
lvl1 6600 => 9300
lvl2 11900 => 13900
lvl3 18500 => 18600
lvl4 26000 => 23000

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Hello guys, not release notes for the version 1.76 ? @Marindor
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I fear that you forgot to inform us about further News concerning the 1.75. The new layout in the Screen for choosing the troops before a battle e.g. I noticed it after the announcement of the 1.75 in the live-System.

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moderators are not often there on this forum ... it would take more

We expect: the new event, the new spell, etc, etc ...