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Release Notes version 1.7


Elvenar Team

Dear Humans and Elves

Today we bring you an update that gives you many new features to enjoy - from new Ancient Wonders to further improvements for issues we have been having with deleted players on the world map. With this update, we hope to advance some more in the right direction. On top of that, we offer you several improvements such as visiting players from the Notifications Menu and a number of bugfixes. For more information on the exact changes, please have a look at the full release notes below!

  • Two new Ancient Wonders have been added and can be built after having been unlocked in Chapter II of the Research Tree (via the new 'Secret Ancient Wonders' technology):
    • The Tome of Secrets will produce Knowledge Points every 24 hours, as well as give you Supplies when you start scouting on the World Map - the amounts are of course dependent on the level of the Ancient Wonder in your city
    • The Golden Abyss will produce Coins every 3 hours (without 'early collect'), and also gives you more available population in your city - the amounts depend on the Ancient Wonder level
  • With the new Ancient Wonders, we also introduced new profile pictures that you can unlock by constructing the new Ancient Wonders
  • Empty spots on the world map will now be filled with Gold Mines to give players in sparsely populated areas a chance to get more Coins per day as well - the Gold Mines grant less coins per spot on the World Map, but are also faster to collect, because you don't have to visit a city to get the Coins
  • It is now possible to visit another player directly from the Notifications menu

  • The icons for the Rune Shards have been changed for all Ancient Wonders, to make it more clear to what Chapter they belong
  • The 'Encounter solved' window now has a race-specific profile picture

  • Fixed an issue where the world map did not load correctly
  • The Ensorcelled Endowment's visual effects now correctly remain visible after a reload
  • The Ensorcelled Endowment's effect is no longer available after the spell's timer runs out
  • Fixed a small issue with the animations of the Elven Workshop (level 19) and Elven Scrolls Manufactory (level 19)
  • Changed two storyline quests into declinable quests because there was a small potential for players to get stuck
We hope you like the changes that this update brings you. Of course we are looking for your feedback, so please let us know what you think by posting in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


Elvenar Team
We just hotfixed Beta with changes for the following:
  • Corrected an issue with Knowledge Points that occured after we swapped the technologies for Squad Size Upgrade 9 and 10 for Elves
  • The hourly Knowledge Points should now be hourly again (no longer and no shorter waiting times for your next KP)
  • Fixed a bug where an error could occur in the tutorial


Elvenar Team
We have installed an update on Beta now which contains the following changes:
  • Fixed an issue with Tournament rewards not being correct all the time
  • Corrected an issue with the Knowledge Points countdown timer that could show more than 1 hour on the clock
  • Ancient Wonder names were not correct in all tooltips
  • The 'Visit province' button in the Tournament menu did not always work, but does now
  • When you used many Ensorcelled Endowment spells, the effect could be calculated wrongly and that has now been corrected
  • Relics received from Tournaments now count towards quests that require you to gain Relics (provided they are from the correct type)
  • After researching a production boost, the boost is now applied immediately instead of only after a reload of the game
  • When finishing a province, the province next to it becomes available for scouting immediately now