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Discussion Release Notes version 1.64


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the Release Notes of our current game version here and let us hear your thoughts about it in this thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team


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The Wishing Well special event building has been revalued - and at last it is beginning to look like something one would like to have in your city.

My principal problem with the WW (which is a brilliant concept) was the miserly nature of the awards. Previously in its 100 day lifespan one could expect, statistically, to gain 200 Diamonds ,20 KP and a lot of worthless junk.
Now one could expect 500 Diamonds, 50 KP - and even on the booby-prize days, the payout would be more in line with what you could produce in factories and workshops that occupy the same area.

It is really nice that the design team have reacted to player feedback on this one!!!


The output of Wishing Wells has been increased to make this building more powerful:
  • Diamonds reward has been increased from 10 to 25.
  • KP reward had been increased from 1 to 3 KP.
  • Goods/Supplies/Coins output was multiplied by 5.
WOW ! :D


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maybe the numbers are not final yet and are subject to change and thus not announced yet


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My issue, which makes the Wishing Well a bit useless, is not so much the value, but the frequency. The previous Wishing Well I set up had given diamonds 3 times in its lifetime. The rest of the time it gave miserly amounts of goods, coins, or supplies. I might still have one in my inventory, not sure as it's inconsequential. 30 diamonds in 100 days wasn't worth much, since I use diamonds (rarely) to add an expansion. If the value increases to 25 and I get diamonds 3 times in 100 days, it's still rather useless. Others have reported better frequency, but whenever an RNG (Random Number Generator) is involved I don't seem to have very good luck.

Lovec Krys

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@Maillie It's all about probability. You can get diamonds once per 100 days or every day. So best strategy for wells is to have more of them.


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I really don't see the logic in the increases, but any increase is good.
((Now it's time to 4-10fold the rewards in FA. (4x=seriously consider to maybe play it up until pit, 10x= very actively playing it with whole fs, like the tournament)))


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it a joke!!, the production of the event buildings are a joke, x2 doble joke, i trade for 10.000's several times a day, give to me a building who produce 100 is a joke 200 still a joke.

and do not forget the instant promised to update the buildings, that maybe will be better than that


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These are very encouraging changes!
Many of the special prizes have been - let's say - uninspiring...

I am wondering if this is not an attempt to make Fellowship Adventures more attractive, by beefing up the prizes?


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Yes, as soon as possible they put these improved Wishing Wells in FA, their atractive will increase significantly, that's clear. BUT, and this is an important note, to reach this point, developers should consider a difficulty of obtaining wishing wells in the events. When they make wishing well as a daily prize, it is too simple to get many of them and that's why players won't consider one in FA, as a valuable reward.


What about the non-autoproducing Travelling Merchants? Their output per square used to be roughly the same, given a 9h-9h-3h cycle and discounting the culture part of the autoproducing buildings. If they are not improved in the same way, their owners will surely complain, and rightly so.


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it a joke!!, the production of the event buildings are a joke, x2 doble joke, i trade for 10.000's several times a day, give to me a building who produce 100 is a joke 200 still a joke.
Your math is wrong.
All 9 of your marble factories make about 45,000 marble per day and eat up close to 8K pop, 6K culture, and 10K supplies
(total space required for roads, marble, supplies, pop, culture = 12.25 expansions)

If you grab 9 set buildings (3 temple entrance, 3 storage, 2 sun 1 moon)
You will make 90,000 Marble, in a much much smaller space.( under 3 expansions)

Still think a 100% boost to your T1 production and saving around 9 full expansions of space is "a joke"?:D
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Still think a 100% boost to your T1 production and saving around 9 full expansions of space is "a joke"?:D
you speak about the set building of the event

i speak about the update of buildings, i m sure you have more than ten in your inventory and after the updating you still be have more than ten, the updating is a joke

about set buildings, this one i think is wrong, i m totaty sure the programes downsize the rewars soon (it is not the first time)

(by the way my factory produce 333 / h the set 61/h soo for me is clere and at you see i already have a full set in my city with days count, i don't see your math's)
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(by the way my factory produce 333 / h
Not unless you are setting them for 3 hours 8 times per day
i don't see your math's
I showed you the numbers in my last post. Check http://www.elvenarchitect.com/buildings/sets/
The temple entrance at your chapter 8 makes
1,020 plank plus
1,020 marble set bonus #1
2,040 steel set bonus #2
3,060 plank set bonus #3
6,140 Tier 1<------Pretty close to a marble get 3 of these

The Harvest storage at chapter 8 makes
1,640 steel plus
1,640 plank set bonus #1
3,280 marble set bonus #2
4,920 steel set bonus #3
11,480 Tier 1 <-------much more than a marble Get 3 of these

The cornucopia in chapter 8 makes
1,470 marble plus
1,470 steel set bonus #1
2,940 plank set bonus #2
4,410 marble set bonus #3
10,290 <----- much more than a marble

Remember, your marbles need workshops, residences, roads and culture buildings-- the set needs nothing!
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Main problem is what to do with that 7 chapter 8 buildings when you grow up... especially if you have some other buildings to upgrade too.
btw, second set worth it even if you are not lucky enough to get last grand prize, so focusing on first set + 2 daily buildings from second set is not a bad idea anyway.


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i need help with math, i think i miss something .....

i see you talk about set give 36k 46k 60k ..... i like to see where???? the set for me give to me 1k 1.5k top 5k with all

i do miss something???? i m already one in my city and that all, 1,5k max , please help me in my unknown