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Discussion Release Notes version 1.62


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the Release Notes of our current game version here and let us hear your thoughts about it in this thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team


Just declined a non-mandatory quest and got this:


Not that I'm complaining about the extra diamonds & kp but what's this milestone about !? o_O I got it with all my accounts which are in different stages of the game. :eek:
Had to reload to get it, quest just disappeared and no new one appeared until a reload and then I got this reward.

And what does this mean ? Is it to indicated a story-line quest or what ? :confused:
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@Jasper This has to do with something new we are implementing for the early stages of the game. We're currently still finetuning it, thanks for letting us know about this.


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Not sure what you are doing but this past week or two we've had a couple members of our FA unable to load the game. I've been unable to load a neighbour's city, so no NH, but now today I am unable to load.