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Discussion Release Notes version 1.60


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Based on the math I just looked at - if you have purchased EVERY premium expansion, have earned EVERY available province expansion and placed EVERY available tech tree research expansion - you will still be 3 slots short of filling the new 'row' of expansion slots.

Fingers crossed that they will allow us to start earning expansion from the world map again.


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Probably impossible to read for someone color blind... My ex was color blind. I kid you not, when putting in an alarm system he asked me if I was sure the red wire was matched with the red wire because he thought the red and green wire looked closer...

So, here's a color blind test just to increase awareness about better use of color. Maybe a white outline on that example would make it better.

about 10% of the male population and 0.2% of the female population are red-green blind (the gene sits on the X-chromosome, if it happens that you have just one, and it's the malfunctioning version... you got a problem)

so, color-blindness needs to be addressed in GUI-development. and it's not something that is only important to a very small fraction of the people. 10% men is a lot (it would mean, there are readers right here, who are, maybe even devs, and almost certainly EVERYONE knows at least someone who is colorblind).

EDIT: color blindness is extremely un-funny for people, who have devices with just one status LED: green = works, red = problem... and for them, both is just white-ish.
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Electra Firestorm

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@Juni I did not know that. Guess if you're someone who's color blind, you can't drive. You won't be able to distinguish red lights from green lights. Can't doctors do something about this?

Electra Firestorm

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@Midnightsidhe Thank you for the link. I'm going to talk to my friend. Maybe he can contact a lawyer to file a complaint against the DMV. They would not give him a driver's license because he's color blind.