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Discussion Release Notes version 1.47


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Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the Release Notes of our current game version here and let us hear your thoughts about it in this thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team


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It's been a long wait. Glad to see the Elementals finally arrive. Hopefully the framework is in place for you to produce your next guest races at a more reasonable pace.

My only complaint is the AWs look weak. I am not enticed to build them anytime soon.


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I am super dis-appointed after I find there are 4 un-skip-able squad-size upgrade

Inno add tons of enemy soldier for you to handle in world map and tournament
while you get weaker soldier ( even u do not use it as they are too weak) upgrade a super small little in strength and recruiting speed


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I proposed that long ago, but it never happened

To have portals that led somewhere for guest race
And it looks like between chapter 12-14 you will end up with a non boosted Huge factory to eat up more space on your city

T4 - Non Boosted Tier 1 Chapter 12 of the appropriate factory
T5 - Non Boosted Tier 2 Chapter 13 of the appropriate factory
T6 - Non Boosted Tier 3 Chapter 14 of the appropriate factory

@Katzenprinz the problem is it looks like we will have 3 non boosted lvl 24+ factories to deal with in our cities for the 3 chapters, I* surely don't have the space for that. Even with a maxed city size. And that would mean we have to maintain multiple portals in our cities.
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No I was commenting on the idea of having the guest race off the city and in another area, under this concept you would have to maintain numerous portals.


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Well, yes. We would need one to the seperate space and one that comes with every guest race. But if Inno was nice, they could say, the portal to the outpost would only have a size of 1x3 or something like that. ;) But since this is kinda off topic I guess we should stopp at this point so ppl won't be getting more confused. Its just some brain storming after the suggestion was made about some extra needed space. :)


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Well considering that you are going to need 3 lvl 24+ non boosted for chapter 14, I at least ask for the huge space that they require to be added to the city and the pop for them.

After all its a game for entertainment not subjected torture of tring to make it fit. Which we have had to do up to this point, but non boosted is a bad subject with me as I really don't like the path that this change brings. Its bad enough to have room for our necessary factories when scouting provinces in the 400's That are boosted.
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i have no clue what you are talking about, everybody will build only boosted manufactories but you must build non-boosted?


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I am waiting for Elemental's to start on live. And from what I have read in the forums here it seem that Since my boost for tier 1 is planks, I have to build a lvl 24 Marble to produce the T4 goods as I understand it.