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Release Notes version 1.11


Elvenar Team

Dear Humans and Elves,

Today we have released a new version on Beta: version 1.11. This version includes a number of new features, changes and bugfixes, such as improvements to the game's interface and icons, including the new Ancient Wonders to the core flow of the technology tree and new portraits specifically for the Orcs! Please find the full list of changes below!

  • You can now see more easily where you can place expansions while in move mode, as well as go to the build menu to buy and place new expansions directly from move mode
  • Premium city expansions are no longer tied to your Main Hall level - the maximum number of this type you can have in your city is 33
  • If you can't upgrade a building because you're missing something, the game will give a suggestion on what you can do in order to make it possible to upgrade that particular building
  • Portraits for Orcs have been made available ingame, for those who have unlocked the Advanced Scouts technology at the start of Chapter VIII
  • Information about guest race goods production is now available in more detail in a tooltip:

  • Spell icons were changed to make them more distinct
  • Icons for the Ancient Wonders have received a slight graphical enhancement
  • Many icons in the research tree have received an overhaul
  • In production tooltips, you can now also see the name of the good (e.g. "Sunflowers"):

  • Technologies for the Ancient Wonders in Chapters II, III and V are now part of the core research tree and therefore mandatory to research

  • Declining the Elven version of the quest to sell the Fairy Portal now correctly lets you continue with the storyline from the Orcs and Goblins
  • Production boost now always updates correctly
  • Demanded goods in your own trade offers can no longer display as red
  • It is now possible to give Neighborly Help to and receive Neighborly Help on your Singing Fish Organ
  • It's no longer possible to zoom in your city while having a window opened
  • Corrected a culture blimp when replacing streets with better streets
  • Coins from Gold Mines now count toward quest progress
  • Resolved a visual issue while placing the Holy Codex (Humans)
  • The effect of your own Throne of the High Men was displayed while visiting other players
  • In some cases the "Help" button in the Notifications Menu wasn't displayed if the player name was too long
  • Fixed two Elven quests that would have required Human buildings to complete, which of course is impossible
  • Blimps fade away again
  • Added a + character in the loading screen that fell away in one of the hints
  • The message to show that there is a treasure in a city did not always display
As always we're looking forward to your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


Elvenar Team
We have just installed a newer version of 1.11 on Beta, including the following changes:
  • Orcs are no longer required to cater in Tournaments
  • Tooltip on 'Navigate to Scout' button on the world map was broken and has now been fixed
  • The Unit Healing screen could break and has now been fixed
  • Move and Upgrade now correctly takes one Builder instead of two again
  • It is possible to cancel upgrades again


Elvenar Team
We just updated Beta to install a few changes:
  • Fixed a problem where you could get stuck in the tutorial
  • It's no longer possible to visit yourself via notifications
  • Restored tooltips in the Settings menu
  • Resolved the problem where all buildings in a city could show in top of each other in the top right of the city


Elvenar Team
We have rolled out a hotfix on our Beta servers for the following:
  • Resolved an issue with the checkpoint milestones in Tournaments
  • Reinstated a tooltip for Relics in the Magic Academy to show which Relic it is you need to produce a Spell
  • When you have cast the Inspiring Meditations Spell, the Knowledge Points counter no longer shows behind the banner in another player's city
  • Fixed several problems with the Summer Solstice quests


Elvenar Team
And one more hotfix on Beta for 1.11:
  • Re-added the Knowledge Points counter in the world map and research tree since it was accidentally removed from those places with yesterday's hotfix