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Discussion Release Notes version 1.100


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Players who do not yet have the 2019 Phoenixes (Storm Phoenix, Fire Phoenix, Aureate Phoenix) in either their City or Inventory can obtain them through Crafting
We have made the recipes for the Stage 1 versions of these buildings more common for a limited time during and after the Gathering of the Phoenix Cults event.
soooo, so are the in-game lotteries rigged???
From what I read and understand, you will rig the lottery of the academy to favor certain things, obviously harming others.


Maybe add conversion tab, where only the conversion recipes appear, so for normal crafting the would dissapear.
Not only conversion tab, but add evo building too, it is mad to keep evo building in inventory to stop to appear in craft !


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You would think with all the talk about conserving revenue... Would have made sense to make it a blueprint instead of the combining catalyst and 1:1.

wouldn't it have just been a lot simpler to not make 2 phoenix artifacts and just reuse the ones from last year?
Anyway personally I dont get the conversions ratios either, if you want to get something out of it, it makes more sense to me to have them 1:1 and cost some diamonds to convert.


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To be honest they could make something like 1 new artifact +1/2 blueprints (or 300/600 diamonds) +20 catalysts +20k fragments = 1 old artifact.
I don't see ratio 2:1 as terrible, but it's certainly not what players would want.
Game team forgot one thing - balancing is making both sides equally satisfied and right now, with whole event only InnoGames side is very satisfied, and players are very sceptic. Not all are disappointed as much as me, but many players already told they won't participate which is very sad.

At the moment there's fellowships adventure in live servers, which is least attended FA in history on my country's servers, if that doesn't make them re-think the situation, i don't know what would do.

At the moment i see majority of changes oriented against players and towards income, it wasn't this bad until September 2019.

Something snapped and I suspect wishing wells+endless quests tsunami to be the reason of such drastic changes.
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