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Discussion Release Notes version 1.100


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Well, if you have access to PC even once a week, you can participate in KP sharing program without big issues.


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Guys, let's get back to the content of the actual release notes please and leave side subjects for what they are. I have already explained that different subjects don't exclude each other, so let's leave it at that and get back on topic. Thank you.


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tree gum was replaced by seeds (Gum tree)
cosmic bismut was replaced by seeds (Moonstone gate)
-1 population from endless scroll


Thank you for the today update.

I have a question:
I built the Firephönix already in the city.
Is it possible for me, to get the other phoenixes in the Academy then?


More crafting recipes again ? Sure you try to resolve some problem but this increases crafting's problem !
Add another slot or add a free refresh by day !

But why use random craft ?! i think if someone want to convert his artifact, blue print, ... give him the fixed ability !


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I hope they are temporary, and will be disabled within few months after event. So that anyone have enough time to convert all they want, but no one annoyed with getting the same useless recipe over and over again (they become useless once you convert all you want).


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wouldn't it have just been a lot simpler to not make 2 phoenix artifacts and just reuse the ones from last year?
Anyway personally I dont get the conversions ratios either, if you want to get something out of it, it makes more sense to me to have them 1:1 and cost some diamonds to convert.


Before it was a bad pop+culture building (the phoenix cult at day 3 is better (better pop, teleport, no road, no need arti)), the sentient prod was virtually nothing and the effect is nothing for most of advanced player (a converter of 1 food to 14 PC every 2/4 days if you do not forget) .... now .... it is not so bad but it is a mixed usage building for a very high cost price to obtain.

Hope AW sentient boost applied to this building, if not ...

On the same time, a lot of user will have only 6 artefacts, + FA => level 9 only

I do some math for amuni :
Metal Factory 24 => 4x5, need 4252 pop & 1203 culture, produce 350 metal/3h, 350 sentient/3h need 1930 metal.
Hyp for me, with standard building, we can do 163.46 pop/case & 500 culture/case.
Hyp : to convert production from 3h to day : x 6.83 (9+5x3h)

The base production : 350/(4*5+4252/163.56+1203/500+4/2) = 6.94/case/3h (the 4/2 => 2 roads, optimal road on the small side with building on the other side).
If we produce 6.94/3h base sentient, we need 6.94*1930/350 metal = 38.27/3h, to produce we need 38.27/(1+700%+0.5)/6.94 = 0.65 case (0.5 = montains hall).
Thus to produce 55.52 boosted sentient/3h (6.94*(1+700%)) we need 1.65 case => we produce 33.65 boosted sentient/3h/case
=> 230 sentient/day/case (33.65*6.83)

The EVO building : 1105 pop, 2210 culture, 12300 sentient/2days
=> 1105/163.46+2210/500+12300/2/230 => 38 cases

The building takes 16 cases + 2 road. Hope that AW bonus applied to the sentient production of the EVO building.

Evo gives gold (lol), supply (+/- 0.5%/day) (on the other side, factories need supplies), 1 PC/day and the special effect.
On the other side, most people buff the sentient manufacture (when progress, not at the end), production x1.5+ for 13h+.

Do you see any great error ? An improvement can be to taken into account supply/case/day but i think it is second order.
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The artefact conversion recipes are unreasonably expensive. They should only ever require 1 artefact, plus CC spells (or whatever). I just found a recipe asking 2 Phoenix artefacts and 3 CC spells to create 1 Coldfire artefact. The idea of being able to convert them is great, but the prices are way out.


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CFP produces 15k T1 every 48 hours. Thats 7.5k every day and requires 16 + 2 (road) = 18 space.

If I look at my Iron, which produces T4 (still lvl 24):
Space Iron: 20 + 2 (road) = 22 squares
People Iron: 6.529, thats about 27 squares (including roads and culture for houses)
Culture Iron: 1.690, thats about 2.5 squares
All in all: ~51 squares for ~17.5k T4/day (3h+3h+3h+9h production) = ~22 squares for 7.5k
That's not as good as CFP - and I didn't take into account - for t4 through normal production -, that I need the place for T1 manufactories etc. also…


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3 coldfire artifacts to 1 old one? yes, why not and thank you - at last we have this possibility
3 old artifacts to 1 coldfire? ha ha ha very funy


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3 coldfire artifacts to 1 old one? yes, why not and thank you - at last we have this possibility
3 old artifacts to 1 coldfire? ha ha ha very funy
Considering Coldfire's feed effect uselessness and lack of repair after feedback, it should be 1 old artifact = 3 coldfire ones lol