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Release Notes version 0.15


Elvenar Team

Dear Elves and Humans,

Today's update fixes a bunch of bugs, and also includes a couple of small changes to the game, such as a new way for pagination to function in menus throughout the game. Below, please find the detailed list of changes that the update to version 0.15 brings to Elvenar.

  • Long texts in quests can now be read without having to hover over the text to read the full text in a tooltip.
  • Displaying pagination has been reworked to be more consistent thoughout the game, as well as to solve some potential issues. It will now be at the bottom of the menu rather than at the left and right.
    Example image:

  • Another issue with getting quests from the opposite race has been fixed
  • An exploit with quests requiring players to have certain buildings has been fixed
  • Citizens in your city can no longer spawn on top of each other
  • Quests requiring a certain number of boosting Relics now count the Relics total correctly
  • The Treant's description has been reworked to fit the text area
  • An issue with a storyline quest has been fixed
  • You will now receive a warning when you try to load the game without having Flash Player installed
  • Quest "Goods of the Highest Quality" now has a more clear objective

  • The star rating in the Trader now can only give 3 stars. The values are still being determined the same way as they used to be, but with one star less. So, for example: what previously was a 1 star trade, is now a 0 star trade.
  • Some technologies in the research tree have been renamed, so that it is clearer which research you need in order to complete quests.
  • A few buildings' looks have been upgraded. The new graphics can be found below.

Twin Flowerbed (Humans)

Small Garden (Humans)

Decorative Flower Pot (Humans)

Goddess of Fertility (Elves)

As always, we are looking forward to receiving your feedback. Please let us know what you think in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


Elvenar Team
The Human buildings will be changed at a later time, as we are experiencing some issues with uploading the assets. We're looking into that and will update them as soon as we can. The Elven Goddess of Fertility has already been changed.


Elvenar Team
We have performed a hotfix today to fix the issue with the Research Expansions, where some players were able to place more Research Expansions in their town, even though they had not yet unlocked them. In case you had too many Research Expansions in your town because of the bug, you won't get a new Research Expansion to place until you have the right number again. So, to summarize: the bug has been fixed, and the counter is correct again.