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Release Notes version 0.13


Elvenar Team

Dear Elves and Humans,

In today's update, we bring you a minor change for rebalancing, an update to the Message Menu for your convenience and a number of bug fixes. The full release notes can be found below.

  • A few technologies have been reordered in the Research Tree for balancing purposes between the two races

  • It has been made more clear in the Messages menu which conversations are with groups

  • The World Map now loads correctly when moving across it
  • The World Map no longer freezes when visiting Provinces or neighboring cities
  • The Paladin's image in the Barracks has had its top reinstated
  • Some units incorrectly had defence bonuses against three attack styles, this has now been corrected
  • A description in Residences has been corrected
  • Text now always fits in the tooltips when hovering the portraits of quest-givers
  • The "Navigate to Scout" icon could be clicked when in a Province, this is no longer possible
  • Quest "Research the Steel Manufactory" (Elves) now has the correct objectives description
  • Progress displays correctly after having cleared a Province using Auto Fight

  • The ingame texts have had a major review and a host of text-related errors have been fixed
  • General game performance has been improved
  • "Long Ranged" units have been renamed to be "Heavy Ranged" units, to reflect their stats better
Please let us know what you think of this update. We're looking forward to hearing from you in our discussion thread!

Kind regards
Your Elvenar Team