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Release Notes version 0.12


Elvenar Team

Dear Humans and Elves,

This morning, we have updated Elvenar to version 0.12. As you can see below, we have made some adjustments in the game's balancing (as announced earlier this week), we have added a couple of handy new features and we have fixed a large amount of bugs once again. For the full details of this update, please have a look at the Release Notes below.

  • The costs of reviving units with Diamonds have been increased, as announced earlier in this thread (click)
  • The way the Culture Bonus works has been redefined, please check this thread (click) for more information

  • You will now be able to see more easily why a new province can't be scouted
  • Loading the Research Menu is now slightly faster
  • Quest progress can now be checked by hovering the portrait of the Quest Giver
  • Buttons in the menu at the bottom of the game have been made slightly larger
  • A notification has been added to let you know your Storage is full when helping your Neighbors
  • You can now navigate to your currently active Scout on the World Map using a button

  • A lot of text-related errors have been fixed
  • The timer for Neighborly Help now also shows counting down while you are visiting the player's city without refreshing
  • The Quest 'Troop Parade' can now be completed in all cases
  • All issues with Quests where you have to produce certain goods should now be fixed
  • Upgrading buildings for Quests should now also work when you are offline
  • When cancelling an upgrade, the amount of Population you receive back now displays correctly
  • You are no longer able to send messages to yourself
  • Enemy units now always show where they could move when hovering them
  • The Quest 'Explore the World' (Humans) now completes when researching any City Expansion
  • The World Map should no longer freeze when performing actions such as Fighting or Scouting
  • The correct avatar and name now always show at the top left of the City
  • It is now possible to enter the Main Hall, even if the Coin Storage is full and Coins are ready for pickup from Neighborly Help
  • A problem with sounds when creating Streets has been fixed
  • Quests which require Relics to be gained now always show the correct image for the Relic
  • Quests 'Let the City Shine', 'Peddling Planks' and 'Crystal Balls, Please!' had wrong objective texts, but are now fixed
  • Cities no longer disappear from the World Map
  • Not accepting Full Screen Mode after having clicked the button led to graphical issues, this has now been fixed
  • It is now possible to open the window to buy Diamonds in Full Screen Mode
  • Auto-completing Battles while the last turn is running no longer causes errors
  • The Quest "Commemorating History" (Elves) is now always triggered when it is due
  • An icon in the Marble Manufactory was bouncing, but has now been fixed to its place
  • An exploit in completing Quests has been fixed
  • Humans can no longer get Elven Quests and vice versa

Please feel free to share your feedback in the discussion thread! We're looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team