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Release Notes version 0.11


Elvenar Team

Dear Elves and Humans,

You can find the full Release Notes for today's update below. You will see a lot of bug fixes, but also a few small new features, including a couple that have been suggested by you, our community. Thanks a lot for these suggestions!

  • Tooltips have been added in other player's cities, so you can now see which building is which when visiting your neighbors
  • A new cursor has been implemented for when you're scrolling over the world map
  • It is now possible to directly return to your city when visiting another player, without having to go via the world map

  • When you cancel upgrading a disconnected building, the game no longers gives an error
  • Units in the Army Camp have had their images polished
  • Fighting in provinces without having Barracks in your town no longer freezes the game
  • On smaller screens, a vertical scroll bar in the Research Menu is now better visible
  • It is now possible to collect coins, supplies and goods using "click and drag", starting from your Main Hall
  • Tooltips in the city have had alignment issues fixed
  • In some cases, it was possible to interact with an unconnected building - this is no longer possible
  • A graphics' issue with the premium screen has been fixed
  • When cancelling trades, goods are now available again right away
  • Visiting the Rankings from a neighbor's town now shows the correct rank
  • In rare cases, it was possible to get stuck in the tutorial, this is no longer possible
  • When idle in the army deployment screen before starting a battle, the game no longer crashes
  • Using large amounts of Knowledge Points one by one is now possible without crashing the game
  • When you have invested all Knowledge Points and have enough resources for a new research, the 'Activate now' button now displays correctly
  • Units in battle now actually face their enemy before attacking, instead of turning away
  • In some cases, dead thieves would not die in battles, but they now do
  • New incoming messages are now always at the top of the list. They are now sorted by last post date, rather than creation date
  • An issue with production quests should now be fixed for all production quests
  • A display bug with population when selling goods buildings has been fixed
  • You can fight in multiple consecutive encounters again without the game getting stuck
  • The Buy Knowledge Points window now also workss correctly when trying to buy Knowledge Points for Diamonds without having enough Diamonds
  • Units should now also do what they're trained to do: Attack enemies that are within range
  • When selling a building that provides population, you will now always get back the correct amount of population
  • The Wholesaler's window now behaves more in line with the rest of the menus ingame

Please feel free to discuss these changes in the discussion thread! We are looking forward to your feedback.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


Elvenar Team
  • In some cases, neighboring cities would show as black when visited - color has been applied to them now
Removed from the Release Notes: it will be part of our next update.


Elvenar Team

We have performed an additional change to the above Release Notes in regard to the balancing in the Research Tree.

  • For both Humans and Elves, all researches up to the Advanced Planks Manufactory in the Research Tree have had their required goods halved.
  • Negotiation costs for encounters in provinces close to your city (2 and 3 fields away) have been re-balanced: they now require about half of the goods they did before, but some more Coins and Supplies.