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Release Notes version 0.10


Elvenar Team

Dear Humans and Elves,

Below, you can find the full release notes for today's update. The update consists mostly of bug fixes, so that is always good news, right?

  • A Main Hall under construction will now have a more fitting construction site

  • The tooltip that shows how much damage was dealt during a round in battle, should now always be the correct size
  • Streets should now always be connected when laid next to eachother
  • Enemy Hellhounds (Cerberuses) will now focus on Ranged Units first, as they are described to do in their description
  • When you return after your computer has been in hibernation/standby mode, the message you get will now show correctly
  • Scrolling in the Message Window will no longer change your cursor
  • The tooltips for Knowledge Points and Neighborly Help have received some polishing
  • Sometimes tooltips showed the wrong information, this is now fixed
  • Moving your Main Hall triggered tooltips that were not supposed to be there
  • The tooltip you see when hovering the Barracks will now show the correct information, even if Barracks are idle
  • After acquiring a part of a province, the close button (X) now functions properly
  • Exploits that allowed the player to complete certain quests are no longer usable
  • When you have to solve encounters for a quest, you will now be able to do a mix of fighting and negotiating
  • With a full training queue in the Barracks, it now shows the right images when the Barracks closed and re-opened
  • Upgrading the Barracks will now cancel production, rather than freeze it
  • New messages you receive will now be at the top of the list
  • The tooltip for the Armory has been improved
  • The cursor for Ranged attacks in Battles now shows correctly at all times
  • An arrow in the tutorial is now pointing in the right direction
  • A minor issue with graphics when selecting a place to build a building has been fixed
  • The training timer in the Barracks has been taught how to do maths properly
  • The Knowledge Point counter will now update correctly when a new Knowledge Point is received
  • It is now possible to see who's part of a conversation in the Message Window by hovering the avatar
  • The menu showing your player name is now aligned correctly
  • The quest "Neighborly Help" has been reworked so that the title and description match better
  • The menu at the top of the game has gotten a slight graphical rework
  • Declining a large number of quests in a row triggered an error message
  • When selling a Flying Boat that was still under construction, a tooltip that showed -250 culture was erroneously displayed (culture was not subtracted)
  • The tooltip when hovering the Ratio column in the Trader has been re-aligned
  • In some cases, it was possible to click 'accept' on trades, even though you did not have the required goods
  • Movement sounds in battles for the Elven Sorceress were not played correctly
  • The Trader should now sort offers more logically when filtering trades
  • The game gave an error when a construction finished in your town while you are on the world map
  • Issues with sounds have been fixed
  • Some negative numbers had a green color and have now been re-colored to red
  • Province negotiation costs no longer change
  • The Builder's Hut's tooltip has been slightly graphically improved
  • It is no longer possible to enter an empty city name
  • In some cases, it was possible to click to boost a building, even though it already had received a boost
  • Cerberuses would not fit in their designated frame in the Barracks, but have been taught to obey boundaries now
  • It is no longer possible to de-select all tabs in a building's menu
  • Diamond costs for unlocking researches are now always shown correctly rounded in the research menu
  • When zooming in and out in the town, the position on the map does no longer change

Please let us know what you think of this update in the discussion thread. We're looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team