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Discussion Release Notes 1.171


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They just merged tournament.CheckpointRewards with tournament.BonusCheckpointRewards into a single file, but did it in a wrong way. Both have the same structure, and resulting file now has full list of chests followed by the list of bonus chests. So game now replaces all chests with bonus chests on load.
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Nice that you can zoom in and out in de city (i always used the browser zoom), but when going to the world map its 100%.
I would like to have a zoom in de world map also.


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The problem is more likely actually less the developers than the managers who push releases out without adequate (or any) testing.
Either they have not hired testers or they do not give them enough time to test.
There should be a basic set of tests run against each release that look at every major area of functionality. This bug should have jumped out.
Why do I think this? I spent quite a few years in software development with most of it in testing.

But the developers obviously screwed up and don't test their own changes very well. Some changes are hard to find outside the integrated product. It may be hard for a developer to see how his change affects things. If so they should demand help from testing.
I am not defending them, games must be a nightmare to code and test.

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OK, the bugs are driving me crazy too but all the complaints about the bug not being found before new code is introduced into the game. We should all remember that Beta is the testing ground for finding bugs!


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I strongly disagree.
We are supposed to try new features, uncover minor issues and help them improve the game before it reaches the live servers.
We are NOT here to provide a free testing service to discover major faults that would be seen if they took the time to test things properly.
Beta testing shouldn't be asked to deal with brain dead releases.

If they think it is our role then they should treat us better when it comes to discounts on expansions, diamonds, etc.
Throwing crap out to the Beta testers is bad management.


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Like it or not, the beta is indeed a test world and so bugs are tested here. now, or I don't agree, is that there is no compensation for the inconveniences encountered... a few diamonds with each update (like on forge) would be welcome...

Now there is beta 2. But do they have time to test? Not even sure!!