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City Reactivation Spell for Timed Buildings


Reactivation spell for timed buildings.

For buildings that have a duration timer, maybe create a reactivation spell, if a player has not advanced to the next chapter when a new event comes up or if the building no longer produces the items.

After purchasing the outpost, I was told this becomes null and void (culture only) after the event. If I am still at chapter 3 when the next event comes up it would be nice to have a spell to create in the magic academy to reactivate it for the new event. But for the love of pete, please don’t make it relics. How about goods instead?

Same goes for the library, ferris wheel, wishing well – anything with a duration.

If people take breaks from the game, this would be helpful as well.

Downsides: can’t think of any, this is strictly for being in the same chapter you acquired the item and it runs out.
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Major edit.

I understand why you said it's irrelevant on chapter because of upgrading. If you can upgrade it, then you should also be able to re-activate it no matter what chapter.

Is that what you meant?
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No. You said you were told that when you change chapters that the building stops producing. This is untrue.
E.G. your outpost will last for 50 days after you place it regardless of chapter advancement.
So, if you place it today while in chapter 3 the clock will start and the building will stop producing in 50 days. It doesn't matter if you are in chapter 3,4,5, or 6 when that happens