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User Interface Put Owner name in AW


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Should look like this:

I keep getting confused about whose AW I am in as if they haven't put any kp in, there's no way to identify them. Just adding the player's name would be helpful.


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Good Idea :)

And also: I really like the Android Game Version for many things (Just LOVE the hide buildings function), one of which is, that in the message headlines you can see who sent it. This means, in a wonder chain you can see at once who posted a request for his/her wonder in the chain. To have this in the browser Version would also make it easier to handle the wonders.

Enevhar Aldarion

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What would be easier from a coding point, considering the number of characters an account name can have, is to just put the name of the owner on the first line of the Help Ranking, no matter how many KP the owner has put in, just as if the owner had put in the highest amount. I have how the owner of an AW gets mixed in with all the names of those who contributed. And this includes no name at all if the owner has not put in at least one KP. Since it is already in the code to list the owner's name once they put in at least one KP, just make their name always visible and locked to the top help line.


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From the coding part - owner's player id is already there (or you won't be able to invest KP there), and playerInfo for that playerid is also in the same message with AW data, so adding owner's name to UI is just a minor clientside change, while adding it to the list of contributors is done serverside. Not sure what is easier for devs.