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Provinces getting harder


New Member
Hi could anyone explain how provinces get harder what the criteria is? I have not long started playing on the beta and have completed only 10 provinces and already to scout the next one they are all hard or very hard, it seems to have missed medium out all together perhaps I am missing something as this is happening on my real world islands as well. Thank you in advance for any info. :)


Well-Known Member
World map provinces get harder with
1. the distance from your city and
2. # of already scouted provinces at the moment of scout.
And get easier with
3. number of advanced scouts techs learned at the moment of scout.
4. squad size increase

1,2,3 => enemy squad size (fixed at the moment of scout)
4. => your squad size (variant, you can increase it afterwards).
the bigger your squad size compared to enemy squad size - the easier province is.

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
Outside of everything that raises or lowers the difficulty, there seems to be a strange spike in difficulty from around chapter 3 to chapter 5, where everything will end up being Very Hard, no matter how careful you are to avoid it. Once you make it through that stretch, you can get the difficulty back down to Easy or Very Easy by being careful how much you scout and not skipping any of the optional Squad Upgrade techs.