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Discussion Private Messages on Mobile


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Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please find the announcement about our technical and functional testing phase for the private messages on Mobile here and let us know your thoughts!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


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Love, love, love this new feature!!! We've all been anxiously waiting for messages to come to the mobile app. It looks great and is working well for everyone in my fellowship. Yay!!! :D


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Like it. Except those green texts which are very difficult to read on white background (even on brown background it is difficult and there it looks also pretty ugly).


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It's great, thank you very much for this new feature.
I only have the wish, that the readability, which seems to become a serious problem in the browser with HTML5 as well as here in the Forum and now in the mobile version.
Can you change the colour please? This neongreen is simply hurting my eyes.

Thanks for your feedback so far guys! @iDavis The green and pink texts will indeed be changed in a later app version :)
Thank you! ♥
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Yay. So happy to have this feature available. When I go on holiday I never take a laptop, only my tablet. It's been frustrating not being able to message other people in our fellowship. Thank you very much