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City Priority on help from my neighbor


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When I give neighbor help, I want to give where the neighbor wants help.
BUT it takes time to read where the neighbor wants help.
When I have 300 neighbors on the world map, it takes time.

Will it be possible where you can write your city text that you can prioritize the 3 places you can help. the main hall, builders hut and culture.
When I have marked priority 1 to 3, that when those who want to help can see the numbers.
That priority 1 is favorite.

something that take Care that help to the builders hut is full and small city maybee not have a lot off culture.


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Would be nice if we could set our NH choices and the numbers just showed up like how you show it, or better, they are sorted in the order you specify.


Good Idea. Would like it even better if the favourite building is always placed to be the one pictured to the far right side.

Though I suppose, just the same syntax for the city name would be a great help. Everybody is using different letters. Here the favourite would be on the left side. Something like C B M would be fine, or C>B>M. If everybody uses the same shortcut letters and same syntax, that helps a great deal without any programming neccessary.

I suppose there are more urgent programming/design issues, like the moonstone set problem, for example ;-)