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Other Premium expansions and cost


Well, I bet this topic has been playing around the forums a lot.
In my country there's a saying "Low prizes eat the money" (free translation).
So my suggestion is this:
Instead of constantly raising the amount of diamonds needed to get a premium expansion, after maybe 5 premium expansions keep it fixed for another 5. Then raise it until the 15th and again keep it fixed for 4 expansions now. Raise until the 24th and keep it fixed for 3 more expansions. Raise until 32 and give the last one as a bonus :p:p:p. Well, you get the idea.
The amount of diamonds needed will still be quite enough. Big diamond spenders will buy no matter what but also a large number of players will be tempted to spend (smaller maybe but as I say "Low prizes...." etc) amounts of €, $, ₤ even if it is only to add those purchased diamonds to any of those they have won in the spire, or from wishing wells etc to acquire the amount of diamonds needed.
I really have no clue about programming a game, but it seems to me it's only a change of values for the game team, and I find it realistic enough. Especially after you guys being so "Scroogy" with expansions in the last chapters.:rolleyes:


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I second that! In another Inno game it is exactly the same. And I doubt that that game has lower revenue that Elvenar has. If you could implement the Elvenar way of Guild expeditions from that other game, then this will be a piece of a cake for you guys! ;)

Loki Blue

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The Spire of Eternity honestly doesn't compare to FoE's Guild Expedition (GE is by far superior). While it would be great if the cost of premium expansions was more affordable, they're not going to make a change like that this far into the game. Elvenar has been around for 4 years...that's a lot of real-life money spent on premium expansions that players would want refunded, or some of compensation for. I can't see INNO doing that.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
From a company perspective, there's currently no reason to adjust the strategy around premium expansions, so I'll have to archive this thread now :)