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Battle Pre-selected troop combination for e.g. Tournament


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Possibility to define a default troop combination (e.g. tournament)

During a tournament I often use the same troop combination for most encounters.
For each encounter I have to select 5 troops from different folders.
e.g.: 16 provinces with 4 encounters (64 fights) with 5 selections results in a minimum of over 320 mouse clicks.
Required for each round.

With a pre-selected combination the required time is significantly reduced.

With the option save/use you can choose whatever you like
(Single change/default use/new default …)



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I posted this picture on US a few days ago

I see more in a group selector where you can weekly customise the units that you might need in the tournaments.
I play a lot of tournaments and in many cases I use different units during different fights.

The most time I loose playing tournaments is selecting units of different barracks.
With a default "unit selector" I still need to change my units in to many cases adding more clicks instead of less clicks.

So I prefer a selection menu that you can reconfigue for each tournament so you have all the units you need to most at your direct disposal.

ps. the selection above was for example the elixer tournament. it uses 1 barracks unit (default) 3 mercenary units and 1 training grounds unit.


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Comparable idea, maybe a combination or adjustments fit to our requirement.
Hope that there are more interested players


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I asked for a x5 button (add 5 squads of same troop type with one click) below each troop type which would save me 4 clicks 90% of the time. Any of these ideas would be helpful.


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Main reason why I suggested this is because it's suitable for both autofight as manual fight.

a 5x button or a preselected amount of units in general only suits the autofight playstyle. it can also in some cases add more clicks instead of less. as if an preset doesnt fit the fight you might need to remove the ones and then select the correct unit production building ect.

I don't think I have used more than 5 different units in any single tournament ever unless I was messing around experimenting.


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I agree that often the same combination of troops is necessary for the fights but honestly I often have to rearrange the order in which they have to appear on the battlefield to receive the best result. It depends on which troop stands vis à vis their fitting enemy or is out of range their most dangerous enemy. So same amount of troops but different arrangements make this idea not fitting for my needs. I am sorry Brummi :oops: