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New Game Features Pop / Culture / Mana building ie Giant Snail that produces mana


King of Bugs
i am sure they wont add this to old chapters because this is a part of the challenge we have in our city, and they will come in future chapters


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I think not having one building that does it all might be a good thing as it forces people to make meaningful choices. Of course your use of "a giant snail+mana" as an example implies a premium building, in which case it doesn't really matter as much.


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Asgard Seal kinda does it but you have to replace a Giant Snail with 2 of them and they require roads.. 4 of them cost $100

For that much they should be 3920 pop 4200 culture... Double of what they presently are...


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
We have no intention to add buildings like that to already excisting chapters, but of course we do have our event buildings which can help with that :)